Wifi Monitoring

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Deadspottr, a robot capable of monitoring wifi signal strength was built using ROS and Python, on the TurtleBot3 Platform. The build process, functionality, and final analyses are documented.

Optimizing Pollution Policies in Rural China

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China's rapid period of industrialization created widespread rural pollution. This project explores the efficacy and cost of emission reduction versus remediation tax policies to identify the optimal combination.


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A digital Etch-a-Sketch was created by using Visual Hardware Description Language, VHDL, on an FPGA board. The build process, functionality, high-level logic, resulting circuit schematics, and final analyses are documented.

Blur Detection

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Motion blur, one of the biggest problems for feature-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) systems, causes inaccuracies and location losses during tracking. This paper evaluates the runtime and accuracy of top blur detection methods during use with SLAM in factory conditions. It was found that Modified Sum of Laplacian method performs the best overall. Based on its low computational requirement and high precision, it is the best solution for real-time, onboard SLAM applications.

Wifi Signal Strength

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Wifi signal strength varies spatially. This project built and deployed the required ROS-nodes to autonomously generate a Floorplan of a location, overlaid with signal strength. The analyses make use of geographic-weighted regression to plot spatial variance.

Batch Image

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A Batch Image Processing GUI that outputs printer-ready compiled sheets of images. In the current iteration, the user can crop an image into a circle, and adjust the Black & White filter by using an intuitive GUI that runs on OpenCV.

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