Ultralearning: How I Became a Top 20% Chess Player in Under 50 Hours (Better Humans)

Master any skill with these four principles.

ML for Product Managers (Towards Data Science)

Five steps to ship your company’s next big thing.

Resilience of US Energy Infrastructure to Climate Threats (Dartmouth College)

Impact of climate change on energy generation in the 21st Century. Voted best Undergraduate Computer Science Thesis. Advised by Dr. Amro Farid.

CoviDB (CoviDB.org)

A global, expert-reviewed platform for COVID-19 information and resources, advised by Stanford Faculty.

Motif Detection in Neural Circuitry (Dartmouth College)

Connectome analysis of the Drosophilia and C. elegans shows complexity of feedback structures are related to evolutionary progress. Co-authored with Chris Miller and Sean McGowan.

Underdefended: America’s Vulnerable Energy Infrastructure (Governing Magazine)

The US must foster public-private partnerships to raise collective understanding of current threat vectors, incentivizing state-level policy and cultivating a new generation of cyber-defenses. Co-authored with Steve Westly, former Controller of California and Tesla board member.

Parking is Dead (Medium)

Designing cities for the future of mobility. Written while at NGP Capital.

Relm wins 'The Pitch' (The Dartmouth)

Won Dartmouth's Startup Content, The Pitch 2019, with an ML-powered CRM system for students to develop their professional relationships.

Blur Detection Algorithms for Autonomous Driving (Clearpath Robotics)

Overcoming motion blur for indoor autonomous driving. Developed for Magna International with Clearpath Robotics.

Digital Etch-a-Sketch (Medium)

I put one together, and so can you.